Monday, November 30, 2015

Holidays rock

We love church. Wow look how freaking happy we look on the way there that is not always the case! I have cute kids. I'm glad they love each other. 

Vegas thanksgiving .. Awesome. So many people. Amberli is good at crowds. 

 Went and saw the good dinosaur. What an odd movie. Fav line "and then I drowned him in my own blood!!" Okay then well how about that for a kids movie. But we laughed and cried in it. And then scratched our heads being like what??

Pinterest turkey tag. Very cute. Pain to make. Ok not that big of pain but ya know. And caused some fighting so whatever . 

 My cute fashionista Baylie girl

Loved how Kennedy and Ivy played together . Very similar girls

Greatest picture in the world of the most burnt marshmellows ever!! She looks too cute! 

My cheese tray masterpiece via Pinterest. 

Super glued fake nails of paisley. 

Simplifying Christmas this year! So Santa can give more to the refugees. Love that the kids are on board with helping. Here is the back of Darby's letter. 

Sometimes I hate our tiny tree this year I love it. It's us. Not fancy and what a deal!! 


Lindsey said...

I loved seeing all your vegas picts! Yes, your kids are so cute!! Love your turkey cheese tray! You guys look so happy and I love it!

Amber said...

I love your tree. I think it's great! And how sweet your kids want to help the refugees. I haven't been very good at getting my kids involved in that. So kudos to you!

I've been meaning to tell you…Paul's been taking the kids to school lately. He said to me the other day (cuz he's MUCH better than me at getting Luke talking) how good of a kid Luke was and that he's had fun getting to know him better. I bet Luke's much happier having another "dude" around in the morning too. Even though it's not that long of a trip.

Anyway, that's my novel for ya. I love your blog. Short or long. Keep it up. And i'm kicking myself for not using that 30% off coupon when it came in my email. That's the cheapest they ever go. But I knew it'd still cost me $100 as it did you! :-)

Nancy Jo said...

I love your blog. I love your pictures! I love your family! I need to blog : ) xomom