Thursday, November 12, 2015

Not always sunshine and roses

Lest you be tricked into thinking life is always cruises and spontaneous tackle football love... 

The good news today I found out that baylies continuous fevers is not contagious. She had to get an X-ray, bloodwork and urine sample to find out it was a bladder infection! But found out when I was at home and the medicine was on the other side of town (where I was with the bloodwork X-ray and urine samples) so had to have someone cover soccer practice just to pick it up and then I was still late to pick up Darby. Probably because I picked up another girl from the team who didn't have a ride but hey...

It was probably not my best decision to punish Luke for moaning about scouts for the bazillioneth time by making him come with me on boring excursion in the car because I didn't trust that he would just study home and play video games but I'm sure he would have at least gotten his piano and homework done as well as madden football instead of both losing our tempers being stuck in traffic. 

The laundry is piling up and the waking up in the nite is hitting me but those always the nites Jason works extra late and won't be home til midnite. It's Murphy's law. 

Good news is finding out what the real problem with Baylie will help finally treat  her high fevers and she has been fun to have home this week. 

Good news also is while we might be quick to fight we are quick to makeup and forgive and ended the nite with reading the kids a chapter book.

Finally smarted up and having Baylie sleep in our room so I can monitor her better and not wake Darby and all the kids are super jealous of her. 

Watched the funniest video on fb today that I posted . Funny to see yourself portrayed so accurately and by a man :) imitated mothers freaking out before a Christmas party at their house. Thank you internet strangers for putting a smile on this tired moms face. Funny how quickly we can go from super relaxed on an island to tired again. But equally as funny as I how I can go from eating super healthy and exercising to eating all the chocolate in the house. Seriously hide all the chocolate from me cause it has replaced a few meals this week easily. And such is my coping mechanism :) especially when I haven't been able to bathe. 

Hooray hooray tomorrow is Friday. California is cold and we have antibiotics!! 

In important news Baylie was a total champ at the doctor and Ivy who had to be very patient too. I literally said to her before her blood work and X-ray. Are you gonna be tough like your mom who does this all the time or faint like Luke during the X-ray and almost smash the grandma who was working today. Little does she know how many times I was the fainting one before I had to learn to get tough ;) 


Alvhild Evans said...

Sounds like such a tough week!! Hope she feels better soon!! Wish we lived closer so I could help <3

jana said...

Chocolate and baths... My two favorites. Miss ya.

jana said...

Chocolate and baths... My two favorites. Miss ya.