Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Perfect is boring

This past week was the primary program in church. aka the cutest sunday in the world and as great as it was to be the music leader it was pretty dang awesome to have no pressure and just watch those darling kids of mine singing and talking in the microphone.  heaven i tell you.  

We had been practicing tons at home since their parts were supposed to be memorized.  Baylie was also going to be playing songs for prelude music and Darby going to accompany one song on the piano.  So lots of practicing.  Luke?  Well he was just so glad to be 12 and not have to do it anymore.  

So thinking it was going to be happy happy joy joy that morning right?  


my kids were all beasts!  Seriously I think jason and I were going to pull out our hair cause everyone was so crabby and quite frankly those 3 hours of church were the best hours of the day because i sure thought about running away when I was back home.  needless crying, messes and fighting and whining.  ya know those in the trenches family days.  I think they might have been possessed.  

Anyway, but thankfully they pulled it together for when we were in public and were the cutest kids ever.  Did amazing on their parts.  loved it.  Bailey loved playing prelude. 

Darby played the song and I don't think I have ever been prouder of her.  Why?  Cause that girl kept messing up. I think about 4 times she just let them sing acapella till she found her spot again.  I knew she would not be happy with it especially since she knew the song perfect and has been playing it nonstop for months.  it was just nerves.  

But that girl did not stop.  she did not quit and she shook it up and smiled when it was done and didn't think much of it when it was over (she did protest when I said she will do it next year but she will and will be proud of herself too when she gets over it too)

Perfect really is boring.  And keeping going even when its not perfect is part of the challenge and part of our glory too really.  Such a proud mom moment seeing my girls face and hands keep going through the struggle.  That is real life.  

And a good lesson for me.  

Cause the day before in our second soccer game (aka the second time i've coached ever) I got in a bit of a tussle with the other coach who in my opinion was being quite rude.  And ya know me I can't keep my mouth shut and defended my team and called him out on it.  It was a little tense.  Especially since jason wasn't there and ivy was clinging to my leg and it was 100 degrees.  And when I get fired up I was just brewing about it the rest of the day.  And I was mad at myself.  Why can't I just ignore the jerks of the world?   

but really the kicker for me is I really try to represent Christ well.  I do.  I want to represent his church and I truly believe that everyone would be better for it if they knew about and lived the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And all I could see was a big line over that guys name that was one more person who would never want to know about the restored gospel because of me (I think their might be a list of people!).  Because missionary work is so important to me.  I feel like there is so much truth in the world and our church just takes that truth and builds on it.  And with Christ we can be our bestest bestest selves.  So why do I keep getting heated up all the time? 

Well one thing is, I am not perfect.  And never will be in this life.  And I surely hope my example does not make someone not want to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I know that all I can do is my best and keep trying.  

These two incidents may not seem related but they do to me.  


Brandon Walter Evans said...

One teacher got tracTed into and said my name among others as why wouldn't listen to the missionaries so I know how it feels but all you can work on is the future.

Lindsey said...

You are awesome!!!!

Heather said...

Playing with someone singing is soo much harder. I'm soo impressed that Darby did it especially at her age. I was probably 13-14 before I accompanied the young women in sacrament meeting. So nerve racking!