Friday, September 18, 2015

Its Happening!!!!!!!

Dude I'm freaking out.  

Conversation with Luke a few days ago. 

Luke:  "Mom, there is one thing you were right about middle school but I'm not telling you what it is, you have to guess."

Me: (CRAP What?????) Girls? (Shot in the dark answer)

Luke:  "Oh man how did you guess that?"

Me:  What?!!!  How was I right? Thats it?!!

Luke:  "Well the some kids at school were talking about dating and I told them we were too young to be dating (hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and one girl says, Oh ya, Luke has never had a girlfriend (I think they actually called him broken arm because he got that nickname from wearing a sling briefly i.e.: first tackle football practice).  

Well,  then another girl says to him.  I will be your first. (Me freaking out here, wow, what a forward girl!!!) 

Then Luke says, and then another girl comes up to me at school and tells him that six of her friends like him. 

?????????? What?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is this happening already?  Where is my tiny little boy?!!!!  

And so grateful we had all these girl talks long ago!  

But man I am in for it....or Luke is I better say.  Glad he has a good head on his shoulders :)  


Nancy Jo said...

Oh my.

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Feel free to tell him his uncle thinks there is no reason for a girlfriend before a mission. Also of course girls love him, he is a hunk

Beth said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! Well you raised a really good catch so it was bound to happen! Dang! At least he has all the right answers so far, and cute he's telling you.

Laurie Nguyen said...

How funny! Well, maybe not for you, but it is typical junior high girl behavior. At least he's not pursuing the girls, right? Good luck!

Courtney said...

That is crazy. Yuck! Emma jane had a boy and girl in her grade French kiss this year, and I about died!