Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Football is awesome

Oh man love this pictures a mom on his team took. Nothing like watching your kid do what they love. Go Grizzlies #24

The best part of this picture is next to his good pal Porter which is really been the best part of being on the team. #65 . Pancake time :)

Then Luke got to go with the other ym and see the byu football devotional the nite before the byu game. He got autographs of tanner Mangum !! He was in heaven


Beth said...

Awesome shots!!!!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute pictures with tanner Mangum but I am still on study and keep healthy team even though I helped create the monster

Lindsey said...

Soooo neat he got byu autographs and so neat they do devotionals before the games!!! So awesome!! Love Luke's football pictures!!

Courtney said...

Luke is looking way too old! He needs to stop this right now.