Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What a lie

All spring I was chanting fall, fall, fall.  All summer I was chanting fall, fall, fall.

Ya know that whole first time I will have free mornings in 12 years?

I have three of them. They are Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

And well at my last relief society presidency meeting I asked my friends Jenn and Erin why they lied to me?!!  Okay, well maybe they didn't but I surely had no idea.

How am I busier than ever when I have 3 morning frees?  Slam packed!!!  Jammed!  Full to the gills!

Now, I will tell you it is the worthiest of worthy endeavors.  Going to the temple this morning.  Volunteering in classroom and yes there seems we never have enough milk in the house!!

Yesterday I took Ivy with me to get my mustache shaved off (actually threaded) and my eyebrows shaped and they told me I hadn't been there in 6 months!  Well that just shows what is the first to go when keeping track of money and time!  Personal care!

Soccer practice has been really fun.  Please please please please please let us win a game.  please!!  more than one actually because one is pretty meager but boy these other teams are amazing!!!!

Picked up Luke for football now that he is actually suited and practicing and he never has talked so much to me in the car ride I felt lucky that I got to be the one to hear it.  He just says, I love football.  And was telling me all about it.  I can't imagine what will happen when he gets his confidence up, because tackle has been a whole new world.  Its just so fun when he loves it.

At 7:20 this morning I remember thanks to the whisperings of the spirit that Darby had Band at 7:40!!!!  Well I was very grateful but I was thinking hey spirit can I have a little more warning and I felt the impression back that its always me who is the one not listening ;)

Gotta run.... and sadly not in the exercise way!!  Where is my breakfast I'm hungry!!


Nancy Jo said...

I love your posts. They make me smile. Love you and your family! Hope you win another soccer game.

christy said...

You have to plan time to relax and do nothing or it won't happen. 😉