Thursday, August 20, 2015

god is cool

i got a zillion things i need to do I should not be typing on here but if i wait til i am free it will never happen .

i have to purchase at pickup 50 lbs of pork and 80 lbs of chicken for the ward luau this saturday.
drop off a pool key I borrowed for Laurie (so awesome) and pick up my 40 lbs of peaches there (apparently I have a canning death wish this week)
contact two people people more for the luau to confirm what they are bringing.
pick up kids from both schools
feed kids be a good mom yadda yadda.  (ps.  spellcheck does not get my seinfeld reference ;)
take luke to football practice
pick up medications.

okay typing that out doesn't seem like so much... anyway..

sorry to be church lady again, but just thinking how good god is.  Was talking to some friends today and thinking wow how neat that Jesus is giving us inspiration about each one of our unique and different children that could be totally different from the inspiration another kid needs.

two bouts of inspiration lately.

one was i had a friend who wanted to do a half marathon this fall and if you know me i'm a big jump on the bandwagon, don't want to miss out on a good thing type of gal.  But i kept being wishy washy about it.  when i talked to her i was all pumped like YA! but then i would get home I was like a big whiner butt full of excuses.  well which one is right?  Hmm...maybe i should pray about it duh.

well, sometimes my prayers are not even on my knees that can be just when i'm walking around or thinking.  and one morning I decided to go run early (so many benefits of me doing this besides the big butt prevention, anywhooo) and the thought came to me and I knew it was from god, "This fall is not about you."  done.  that was my answer.  This fall is not about me, I have enough.

and so when the ayso was begging and begging for coaches in their high competitive U12 girls league which no one in their right mind would choose to coach for the first time especially which a bazillion kids, no family and a not home often husband...i thought hey...maybe i should do this instead.  and bang.  good feeling.  head saying may-day may-day run run, but the spirit was like you can do this I will help you and this is with your family and thats what i want your focus to be on.  Strengthening my relationship with my kids and bam might even help me physically as well.

I have so many wise friends which is probably the wisest thing about me but here is what they have told me this week.

What is one thing you are doing right now which you should not be doing?  What is one thing right now which you are not doing and should be?

Its okay to say no.  In fact, these friends were more direct and said, Brooke you need to start saying no more.  Even if you don't have a good reason not too.  Be more selective.

Saying yes to people is not always the nice thing for them.

Also been thinking a lot about self reliance and that with God we can do anything but without Him we will drown.  So if it something we know He wants us to do we will succeed no matter how much our average knowledge and ability of soccer ;)  at least the two things in my favor is I am loud and I am fun (and slightly aggressive ;)

I am so glad I am not in control but I am so glad that someone who loves me completely and knowing all of my flaws and talents is and my biggest cheerleader of all.


Alvhild Evans said...

Great post! Totally needed this! Love the what should and shouldn't you be doing part too! You are going to be the most awesome coach ever!! :)

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Training for a marathon ruined my knee. So there is maybe your excuse. Eleven or tweleve year old soccer the thing I remembe most of it was garth brooks sing a long in our coaches car not his abilitY to coach so as primary instructor I think you got that one covered.

Brandon Walter Evans said...

And that was from my Allstar team which placed second in state bc of course mom was my awesome coach

Lindsey said...

Love this post!!