Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I love kindergarteners

Paisley is such a cute kindergartener like my other kids were too.

She has already come home and told me the funniest stuff.

first. she has taught her friends the stanky leg when they are doing the whip and nae nae

second, she said she has to tie all the boys shoelaces

third, she said the girls at her lunch table told her banana bread with chocolate chips looked like poop.

the other kids are all doing well.

baylie said she doesn't like her teacher, she LOVES her teacher.  so thats great.

Ivy loves preschool, and has already gotten to take home petey the penguin.

darby said she has already been nicknamed the hacker because she took at an ar test the first week of school for harry potter 5 and got 44 points so they kids say that she must have hacked into the system.  I told her to tell them, no kids its not hacking its called H-A-R-R-Y P-O-T-T-E-R.  And tell them to read big books to get big points cause that is the best McCoy AR trick.  I feel like I need to buy her the shirt I like big books and I cannot lie shirt even though it would be totally lost on her.  But seriously, this is the girl that hated to read this summer. I'm telling ya, forcing my kids to read harry potter is a great thing, everyone gets hooked by the end.

luke and jr high haven't decided if they like each other yet.

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