Monday, August 17, 2015

So much stuff!!!

Feel like a chicken running with my head cut off!!!!

So feel like I broke the sabbath with how much I was sweating yesterday but my big box of pears all became super ripe and I had to can them! But never gave canned fruit before and it was tricky. Got the hang of it but grabbed any person that was walking by to help for a bit and still wore me out! Hope they turn out! 

Ivy started preschool and I celebrated by volunteering in paisleys kindergarten class and running errands like a mad woman! 

Well after a strange turn of events Luke is signed up for tackle football. We resisted as long as we could and found out that they canceled his division in flag and that it was also the very last day to squeeze into tackle. He had to get officially weighed and some decisions made but feel good about it now. Even felt like the Lords hand was in it. He is thrilled and I feel like we have entered a new and busier era for better or worse!! 

Ended up going with a team with a good friend on it that was very close to make my life easier and he decided to stay in a lower division with limited playing options but we feel really good about it. Might have to remind me of this in a few months ;) 

Luke had us all try on his helmet. Ps the boy weighs 126 lbs! 

We had the best gift ever to be able to see our old friends Ann and Mike from Pennsylvania !! Some of the dearest people and it had been 8 years since the last time and they moved from California in 2004! 

Here is a picture from when we are going and then now at the end of a hot day!! 

Jackie is so good about having old home movies and we watched a few and had a big kick out of them! Here is Darby! 

The whole group minus Kelsey and I .

With the guys 

Yesterday was stake conference which is always an adventure. We smartly now choose to sit in the kid room and had a great time til ivy had a coughing fit and barfed! 

Luke and Delanie playing Harry potter chess. 

I am not a big fan of bunnies anymore. One has now died (pinky!) and one was out the other day when the kids were at school and here are my wounds from getting her back in the cage. 

Well we walked to school for two days and then realized it's way too dang hot but cute picture. 


Alvhild Evans said...

So fun to see your old friends. Ivy is getting so big!! You'll have to let me know how the pears turn out :)

Dr Nathan Pfister said...

Oh my bunnies!! Hope you put some Neosporin on those scratches. I dido the bunny thing. So fun you got together with your Pennsylvania friends. I remember them.You guys look great!! Can't believe Luke is 126! And that Ivy is still coughing and barfing. So so so so sorry. Fun to get together with Jackie's family too!