Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today was pretty dumb

The lowest point being when I slammed the side van door into sleeping Ivys foot while I was carrying her. Wish I could redo that part. 

Also learned that Luke inherited the famous fainting gene at the Drs today :/ thanks to his first practice at tackle football . 

Basically anytime you have McDonald's for dinner oh wait I forgot about the del taco for lunch , you have to admit defeat.
I have been cooking so much at home lately it was so wierd 

Every time Jason is out of town the kids teeth fall out I swear. It's like the tooth fairy likes me better?  

Crabby mccrabbersom sure was out at bedtime and other times I have since blocked out. 

But the kids sure are cute and sweet. Baylie was so tickled to have an extra long (ok finally more than 10 min) piano practice since her brother was gone. 

And speaking of brothers I got the best news ever from mine this week. And also that dr thing is super handy to help look at X-rays . 

I love reading the Book of Mormon! Grounds me and calms me 

Love morning snuggles 

Watched this movie one nite by myself and was bawling!!!!! So good though. 

Is this the brightest and cutest soccer player ever? 


Lindsey said...

Darling pictures!! Didnt realize Jason was out of town!!

Jenn said...

We have lost a tooth around here too this week. Sorry about Luke- and that pic of Jason all alone in a happy place..... Not cool!!