Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer might actually kill me

The other day I had to get donuts cause we were going through Burbank and then had the biggest headache that nite . Oh no my body better not be rejecting donuts!! 

We upgraded the pool. Bought off a friend who was moving and should have put it up sooner cause we haven't been turning on our air (boy this is really going to make people want to visit us I swear we will turn it on for you) so this is a relief. 
Just hope the water police doesn't come get us. I think the girls are being shoulder angels. 

We went to Jason's game in Burbank. It's through work and they always win cause he's the best bla bla bla ... ;) but it's true. Not bad for turning 40 this year. What should we do for his 40th?!!! 

Darby and paisley hamming it up for the camera! 

Kids still love the Disney side app. 

Two biggest girls went to soccer tryouts. They did great. Almost wonder if there is something to not letting your kids play til they are older cause then they are so dang excited to play cause they have been waiting so long they really go for it . Both were at least a head shorter than most the girls wow don't realize that at home. Either way that's the way we can do it on our family. Will be my first time with 3 in sports in the fall and not sure how I'll manage it. 

And ya know just a little arm wrestling. 

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