Monday, July 20, 2015

Rain rain please stay

Well we have never used our beach umbrella as an actual umbrella but we did on Saturday! We went with our ward to Rincon which was new to us but then it was pouring on and off. We still went and had the best time! What an adventure. The sun peeked thru a couple times and kids had a blast with all their church friends. Darby was the treasure hunter of the group and found a bunch if clams and giant sand crabs. 

Baylie got swimmers ear! Never had a kid have that but it hurts! 

We finally had a summer movie nite and watched the latest night at the museum. 
Loved snuggling with my bunch. 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute kids

Nancy Jo said...

Those clams and giant sand crabs are awesome! Love the tall legos! Miss the outdoor movies! Rain at the beach is the pits!
We need to come and visit!