Monday, July 13, 2015


We are not going on an vacations this summer but we do have one really fun perk that Disneyland is so close. 

Great family time and the kids were so awesome even though it was past their bedtime and a lot of walking. 

Ivys new funny thing is she hates the pirates of Caribbean ride cause it scares her and asked me a a few times leading up to it to confirm that she wouldn't have to ride it. 

Ivy is also not a fan of the fireworks loud noises. 

But who doesn't love seeing Elsa and Anna? We did some fun firsts this time like the light parade and world of color water show . Pretty neat and loved the 60th celebration. Disneyland really is a magical place. We are soo lucky! 

This fiddler loved the girls dancing to his songs and kept interacting with them during his show. His name was Farley. 

Had to capture Luke in Mickey ears! 

I loved this picture with Mickey except for me and why didn't I get closer to the family. But loved this other one with Joy and Sadness. Look what the difference makes just wear you stand in the picture take just a few minutes apart from each other! Love my family and glad we can make these memories close. The neatest thing about the whole night was we didn't spend a penny except in what we paid for gas to drive there. Jason got to see all the things they have been working on in real life and we got to meet some nice people he works with and some of the ones from Florida. I sorta wanted to cry at one point during the fireworks while we were there. Just kept thinking wow we couldn't have even dreamed this a few years ago is this what God had in store for us? Very grateful and the hard times definitely make you appreciate the good ones! 

And then my strong son helped push the stroller to the car! How lucky am I? Two sisters were snoozing in it. 


Nancy Jo said...

Enjoyed Disneyland with you : ) Loved the light up hats!

Laura said...

Remember me? I still read your blog. You have a great family! So happy things have worked out, you guys deserve it!!

Lindsey said...

Loved all the pictures!! What awesome family memories you are making!! You rock! Your Disneyland is like our Sea World growing up! Good times!!

Brandon Walter Evans said...


Heather said...

Totally jealous of the Disney perks!