Friday, July 31, 2015

Sister visit

We has such a great time but I have been delaying posting pictures 1 cause I don't want my other sisters to be sad they didn't get to party with us. 2 because it makes me sad we don't live by them and 3 cause it made me miss my other family a whole lot having family here cause mostly I just try not to think about so it doesn't bother me more. Living apart from family is sure complicated. 

But whatever we will enjoy it when we can and be happy we are related even if distant!! Dang this is getting depressing! 

Ok so the pfisters came to visit. And is say we almost got to know them more in this week they stayed at our house than the years they lived in California. Love those kids and wow we have a lot of girls and wow Luke did really well with them all!! 

Wow crammed so much in!! Really I'm amazed!!! And the kids were troopers! 

And we got to go to Disneyland!!! 


Heather said...

Love all the pictures, especially Luke with Anna 😃

Beth said...

So fun! I know how you feel. I miss my sisters too.

Lindsey said...

Ok those were great!!! So funny to see my crazy hair after that ride. Thanks for taking us to Disney!! You guys rock!!!