Sunday, June 7, 2015


End of the year school summer bash. 

They partnered a local church again this year so it was all free!!! 

Ivy won a bunch of rings! 

Oh ya but the nite before we went to watch Owen play guitar! So fun and been all kind of sentimental about how long Luke and him have been friends. I moved around so much growing up never had this. Such good boys! They are getting old. 

Baylie and Darby are dare devils! Went on this high dropping ride! 

Funny that this handsome boy used to jump in Luke's crib. Great music. 
Luke was very impressed and annoyed that didn't have him play in the guitar instead of the piano ha! He said Owen is so humble (about how good he is!) 

I must be extra thinking this week but every time I use these spoons I think of my grandparents. Sometimes I wonder if they are watching us eat our breakfast. Was tearing up the other day just thinking of them. Something about our families is we make living far away okay.  None of us like it and we miss lots of things but we still try and be in each other's lives. But I'm going to highly encourage my kids to stay close to me. Moral of this long winded story is I love these spoons even if they make me cry sometimes. 
Don't know how i lucked out getting them... Biggest family and crappiest stuff maybe? 

Obligatory post about kids reading awards. Very proud of baylie for getting her first trophy. It's a struggle to go the distance. Ok so with Luke it's like breathing but the girls it's about finding the right match of books. Hope they are proud of themselves too. 

Luke works the system and pretty much does the minimum he can do to still make 150. Which means there is usually tons of books he has read that he doesn't take test on so we made a deal and I said okay so for your last one every at valley view will you please just take all the tests and see how much you can get? Then I said something about crushing the record to obliteration cause that's the competitive mama in me. And even though they didn't point it out, him and I know he did just that . Being smart is a tricky thing in school sometimes especially when you are trying to fly under the radar as a kid.  And hip hip hooray one kid who doesn't ever haven't to do dumb AR anymore! (Ok it's not dumb but it can be annoying!) 

Darby as well. You can see the principal in the background. Dude those assemblies are loooong. Let's hope we don't break this one in a week too :/ 

School is almost done yippppeeee. What the heck am I going to do all summer? I got no plans!!! No trips. Not signed up for anything . Hope that doesn't bite me in the butt! But I'm thinking positively and just going to enjoy it! Missing my family lately though! 

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Lindsey said...

Great pictures! Congrats to Luke. End of year party looks fun! Ivy looks so cute and old.