Sunday, June 14, 2015

The baby is 4

I almost wrote my baby is  4 but they are all my babies :) forever and ever.  

Birthdays are tiring for the mama but so worth it to see those happy faces. Ivy requested a frozen party and since the poor girl is #5 and I haven't done a 'real' birthday party for a while we decorated the house good and had a family party. She loved it. And we went to chuck e cheese yesterday and she literally was skipping and hopping and running the whole time she was so happy.   

Sunday and church birthdays are unusual but she did pretty great besides running and laughing at one point in sacrament meeting very loudly (face palm) and just the typical four time crying and told me I hate you for the first time. Ahhhh four year olds ;) gotta love them. 

I get told all the that ivy is my mini me and oh man that can be for good or bad!  

We sure do love her though and she says the most prayers and gives great hugs to everyone. 

Her birthday request was spaghetti and a frozen cake (which she didn't eat) 

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Beth said...

She is so awesome!!! Happy birthday Ivy. Love that girl.