Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wierd weather we are having

It's like not sunny and cold . I don't even know what to do with myself about that. Having a fun day with these cuties while their mom is in the hospital with her new baby! 

Parsnips are gross . I tried to give them a chance. They look evil even. 

Doing this next Saturday (budget be danged!) such a good cause I love this organization . Hopefully there is a prize for ugliest running clothes cause that one I would win. When did running turn into fashion? 

Ahh I love hearing this sound in the mornings. And love that he has figured out if he practices some in the morning he doesn't have to for as long after school.  And he is getting good. 

Ahh duplo Legos may we never outgrow you !!!

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Beth said...

You make this with the parsnips and they're so good I could eat a ton.

And Tyler has figured out the same thing about practicing in the morning since he gets up super early and always has extra time. Yay.

Awesome Young Authors. :)