Thursday, May 21, 2015

Young authors

One cool thing our school does is select a few kids to have their stories published into a real book. They get a copy and one copy is for the school library. Well of course this is a big hit for my writer Darby and this year baylie was eager to do it as well. Luke on the other hand refused to ever participate or never had a teacher who encouraged it who knows. But it was pretty fun having both sisters get one and then they got to read like 3 pages of their book in a microphone in front of a group of people. Nothing cuter than hearing those little voices.

And like the awesome parents we are Jason and I were almost crying laughing at their books. This was my favorite page of Darby's. And somehow it had a typo that the puppies her getting fed hot puppies instead of hot dogs and we were rolling about that. I was like Darby what's the girl doing alone in the school by herself? And Jason says how do 110 puppies fit in a box? Anyway... Maybe be glad we aren't your parents too hehhe. But they they did a wonderful job. 

The author bios were just as good as the book!!! Ya I'm the best mother ever for letting us have all those dumb animals that torment me daily!!

And baylie oh man I died! Salad! Salad? Waiting for my mother of the year award 

See this lady on the top left?  Thats Mrs Hirsch and we looooooooove her!!!!!!!!!!
Greatest teacher and person! I hope my other two girls get her.


Nancy Jo said...

Oh I love this!!! So cute! Your kids are awesome!!

Heather said...

Too Cute!