Saturday, May 9, 2015

Peace with Mother's Day

Boy do I have some treasures!  Babies and toddlers sure can't tell you they appreciate you but nothing like these hand made notes from older kids. Especially from kids who are too excited not to give them early. 

I am going to love Mother's Day tomorrow. It has taken me over a decade to get to that place but I am there.  Because I have zero expectations and cause I told my kids (and husband) that all I wanted was there rooms clean and they already did that.  Mother's Day is so many mixed feelings for everyone and really wish I could be with my mom tomorrow but oh well. 

I sure love being a mom though. So grateful to have so many treasures. Plus tomorrow we get to go to church and I always love church. And my cutie kids are going to sing and pass the sacrament . And I'm expecting to get lots of hugs which I love. And I bought my own dessert at SAMs on Friday :) see, I'm learning. 

Went to a mother daughter activity days at church on Friday nite. 

This last note made me pretty happy cause she used my own words against me!! Love it!!