Friday, May 15, 2015

Writing space

I have so many pictures I want to put on here but am too lazy for now.  mostly I just wanted to update this thing cause it feels like I'm neglecting a friend (brooke you are a wierdo, your blog is not a real person…also stop talking to yourself in third person)

We watched God's Not Dead one Sunday nite and I really enjoyed it (despite the racial stereotypes that I think they were hyping up to make it more dramatic and sadly are based in reality due to the horrific Christian slayings in some parts of the world).  But the point is I really liked and besides skipping one violent part so my kids wouldn't watch it, I love when my kids watch movies like that.  and I even love when they aren't 'Mormon' movies because guess what yo…we believe so much of the same thing.  Totally was with them til the very end (spoiler alert) when the jerk guy was dying and does a last minute 'saving' pledge to follow Christ so then everything is all happy and roses for him.  Now granted I think accepting Christ two minutes before you die is always the wiser choice.  And we will all be judged for our actions on earth (much to my chagrin some days).

Cause that would have been in the movie where my religion and whatever the movies was parted ways.  Because we know missionary work exists beyond the grave and that many who did not know of Christ will have the chance to learn of Him in the afterlife and choose to accept Him or not (why oh why they wouldn't want to then I don't understand yet, but never doubt how stubborn a person can be I guess!)

In fact, we even believe that some people who leave this world early were called back to serve as missionaries on the other side!  Wonder who is teaching my grandparents right now?!

Of course when I started to explain this to the kids during the movie, Luke says, stop with the lecture mom!

But anyway, I love celebrating all our similarities with others..there is so much good in the world.  So many good people out there.  And I'm grateful when they make good movies about Jesus that I can watch with my kids.  Can't have enough of them.

And not related but I guess sorta related is, wow I'm so glad I have peace finally about the kids school.

Wow, should have done that years ago would have saved me a lot of worrying.

But when we get an answer from God, there is no more doubt, just peace.  No wonder He tells us to come to Him so much, He just wants us to give us His peace and not search everywhere else were He knows we will never be satisfied.

God is good.

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