Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oh life life life!

Took a quick trip to the temple this morning and taking my own family names that I did myself was an amazing feeling. And shared them with my relief society ladies which I talked them into instead of our normal long presidency meeting. The spirit was strong and really neat having them join me doing that and hearing the names of our Evans ancestors read. Whether they choose to accept the work done for them is up to them but I felt like a few of them were with me and embracing it and even eager and waiting for me to do that for them.  I can't wait to see them all one day!! 

The best sister missionaries!!! They did my girls hair and let my girls do their hair! Such good sports! One sister said coming over felt like being home and I loved that!! 

Luke babysit for a few minutes while I picked up Darby from band and I came home to this scene. 

Wow have so many of these two together lately . Luke had a walking lunch field trip to Panda Express and ivy and I met him there. Loved being with him and his friends and loved that he was wearing grandpa Dalton's byu hat!! 

Darby was sooooooo excited to show us her gate project she has been talking about it for weeks. She did it on Clara Barton who is a famous nurse and helped start the Red Cross . Nursing is something she is interesting in. Luke did his on nuclear energy. Funny both kids did their projects alone while most of the other kids worked in groups...independent workers maybe? 

We've have preschool spring programs and they are pretty much the cutest thing ever!! Wish I could put the video on here!! 

Haircut time! I tried to talk Luke into keeping some of the length on the top and obviously he was not a fan. 

Oh lifetouch pictures, why are you such a rip off? I can never buy any and then you just throw them all away and waste your time and money and torture me for not having them.   I mean this is the most hilarious picture ever!! And this photo of it will have to do . Lower your prices and you might make some money!! 

Baylie using the Disney app from Jason's work. She is a ghost! 


Beth said...

Oh my gosh Luke's picture! I am dying!!!! For real - hate that they print out the pictures and will just trash them. Lame.

Nancy Jo said...

Love the pictures! Ivy sitting on Luke was a favorite. Good for Darby for wanting to be a nurse - nurses rock! So neat you went to the temple with family names . Loved Luke's graduation pic and hair cut pic. Funny to see Baylie in the ghost pic.

Lindsey said...

Those are great pictures!! . Love all of them!!