Friday, May 15, 2015

Do you want to see a picture?

Ivy has two really bad bloody noses this week. Like a faucet. Both at the 'accidental' hand of paisley but wow they wouldn't stop. Oh there's a lovely Evans trait for ya, your welcome ivy that ones from me. 

Girls had the cutest preschool fieldtrip ever to a candy/cake store! They made their own chocolates. And the grandma who owns the place was just so darling and good to them!! 

She had like a million quotes about chocolate all around the place and made me think I need to start a collection as well. 

Pictures from the one time we went to the zoo. Used like the oldest guest passes I've had for years.  Ivy was trying to hold into those goats so much.

Darby had a band recital. It was darling. Too bad you can't really see the trumpet people when they are playing. 

It was in the high school stage . 

Ivy drew me a picture for Mother's Day this is our family!! 

Paisley loves dress up. All the girls do really. They also love to make really big gigantic messes . Huge ones 


More love from Mother's Day 

Darby made me signs and her and baylie decorated and she said since I decorate for them! How cute!! 

Me and my cuties. 

Ivy watching a movie on my bed with my mound of laundry behind her. 

Belated Disneyland pictures from when we got to hear Brinkley perform! 

I'm with ivy the most but paisley needs more pictures on here too! Kindergarten next year! Oh wow she cannot wait! 

Where did she get those big beautiful eyes from??? 

Keaton and carter carrying the girls! 

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