Monday, April 13, 2015

Vasquez Rocks

Well we are often a little slow to the party and it took us nearly 6 years to actually go visit this beautiful sight that is only ten minutes away!  Thanks for the push Becky and Beth we totally copied you.

Vasquez Rocks was lots of fun for the kids and you know all of you that think I'm a super chill mom?  Well that place nearly gave me a heart attack. They would have gone even farther than they did but dang I was too worried.  Maybe because Ivy just got stitches but we will see if I feel different when we go there again.

can you see luke here?  can't really tell how steep it is but i was imagining the worst

this last picture i loved because only had to tell paisley to come in the picture they were all gathered around each other anyway.  funny how they want to be with each other even the ones that complain about it (luuuuuke).  love having the kids all home for spring break makes me look forward to summer. but wow my house will be messy ..and the fighting.  don't love the fighting but its not that bad or I have learned to ignore it.  

what did we do the rest of spring break?  Well a whole lot of staying home.  Jason tried to fix our dishwasher for at least a day and a half to no avail so that happened.   

I don't have pictures but we went to Emily and Nathan's passover Seder and loved that.  

made the kids all read books to counteract all the tv watching and video game playing and luke read 7!  Darby read one big one that she groaned about doing even though I know she loved the book (that is a theme here) and baylie and the littles read a few cute ones, mostly i read while we ate lunch a couple days so there brains didn't turn to mush.  oh yes and we ate a million pounds of easter candy :) myself included.  

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Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Good thing your kids are sure footed!! Scary!