Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RIP crockpot friend

You finally bit the dust. 

And we will mourn your loss.  

When you cracked a couple years ago I thought you were going to fail me but you kept plugging away.  

How long have we been together?  10, 12, 14 year?  I can't remember but a long dang time. 

Thanks for all the potato soup, bbq pulled pork, chicken, chili,  meatballs, baked potatoes, black beans. pinto beans, white beans, macaroni and cheese and occasional gross pinterest meals I tested on you.  

 You will be missed but we already have a younger, better looking replacement with a locking lid.   

You are a girls best friend and a pot luck staple.  I never named you and you were sometimes super annoying to clean but you fed us lots.  

Thank you old girl, I had never used a crockpot before you or was raised with one and you converted me to your kind.  



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Mindy said...

My crock pot dies too! It cracked a few months ago, so I had to buy a replacement dish. Lame.