Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring break

Day 1 - the most awesome lazy day in the world . Even finished my book Firefight by Brandon Sanderson. So good. It's a sequel to steelheart. We watched a bunch of movies and did a whole lot of nothing it was great. 

Day 2 - visited my dear friend Maria at balboa park who was visiting from Utah. Can't remember the last time I saw her so glad she had some free time. That is a fun park but wow it was rundown . Sad. The kids loved chasing all the birds and ducks. And within five minutes I already had two older people say something to me worried the girls were going to fall in the water. I think we were giving them a heart attack. Note to self... Don't walk around the lake that's when the kids all lost it. 

We got home after lunch and then got a message from my friend that she was going to the movie. Well I likewise invited a few of Luke's friends to make me mother of the year but all of us ended up being so late we had to go to the 3D one instead (can you say $$$$!!) but we saw the movie Home and supported dreamworks!! And it was really cute but as we were milling around the outside of the theatre afterwards ivy tripped and .... 3 stitches later she is fine. Don't know if I will ever get used to see a hole in my kids body that's not supposed to be there. This time I was up close and personal watching them stitch her face and wow the things you don't realize you will do as a mom! Ivy did wonderful though and so did Luke taking over when things got a little crazy. 

Day 3 - we went to Disneyland and tried to get there when the park opened but got stuck in 2 hour traffic and I didn't wake up quiet early enough. Baylie choose Disneyland in place of a birthday party and we had tons of fun despite it being the most crowded ever ever! We only rode two rides but one was grizzly rapids and we all got soaked (ivy didn't make height cut). For example that ride is usually 5 to 15 min wait was 60 minutes!!! Thank goodness for fast passes. It was so crowded that we decided to try and do all the new stuff we haven't done before like take an animation class the kids loved and go to some shows. We had lots of fun and always so tired by the end of the day we can hardly wait to crawl in our beds! 

Day 4 - really wanted to go to the beach but worried about Ivys stitches so lazy day again. I convinced Jason to take off three days and so just going to enjoy some family time since life is so busy. 
And yay one week off of seminary! 

Ivy wanting to do know hands like Layla from Lindsey's blog. We love our families blogs ... Cough cough all you others update yours ;) 

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Nancy Jo said...

Disneyland sounds fun! Sorry about Ivy's chin. You were awesome to take so many to the movies! Crazy picture of Ivy with no hands on the swing!