Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The verdict

Oh man this day just got funnier. 

When I picked up paisley from preschool I realized I forgot it was crazy hair day and the Easter party and the goodies she was supposed to bring. Oh well. 

Had some good reminders today and some added sunshine. (Ps bet my kids are gonna be real good tomorrow cause they are scared mom is gonna lose it funny and also true so that should last at least one day) 

And got some gem of pictures. The big girls got pranked at activity days for April fools... Brown Es . Good one Anna!

And this one is from a relief society trip to palm dale to see our friend Kayla...this is funny Jenn trying to crouch and me trying to be tall!  

And 40 lbs of chicken got put away and Becky o had to take chicken goo off my leg. Done! 

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