Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stay at Home Mom Gone Crazy

Its 8:35 a.m. and while I looked like a crazy, lazy woman dropping my kids off to school with bed head, no makeup, not matching pjs and shoes half way on…no I have not just woken up…

On the contrary I have been up since about 5:25 a.m. and for the last three hours have…
(order of events a bit scrambled)

read my scriptures (ironically searching the subject of charity in the book of mormon and the bible…something that I failed to practice this morning as shown in later morning tantrums)
figured out how to pay for least amount of spring pictures and settled on two sheets each kid and then filled out necessary paperwork for each child and wrote checks
located treasure box items for darbys class that her teacher requested and put in her backpack
found another toy on top of the fridge that I dusted off that i realized i could stick in treasure box toy
reminded kids to turn in pictures and payment or else that would be us stealing them
located a check from a paparazzi sale I had misplaced
brushed my teeth
did darbys hair
got frustrated at and freaked out about baylie refusing to shower and then proceeded to spray her hair with dry shampoo to hide the grease
did baylie's hair
gave baylie antibiotics
gave paisley that purple medicine that I cant' remember the name for her cold
got the kids to do their chores, dishes, laundry, trash
took out the trash in the garage
took rusty out to go to the bathroom
smelled kids breath to check for teeth brushing
punched a hole in heater door after tantrum #2 (not to be confused with tantrum #1)
checked facebook in the locked bathroom while I was cooling off from tantrum #2
had a talk with baylie about if she would tell me her shoes were broken last nite I could have fixed them
had a pity party for all the broken shoes and hand me downs
was mad at myself for pity party and losing temper and remembering my blessings
refused luke's asking to walk to school even though don't blame the kid for wanting to get out of the house early…insert tantrum #3
got chocolate milk out of the downstairs fridge
picked up the clothes in garage that were spilled over from child labor laundry
did paisleys hair
helped baylie find one pair of shoes that were not broken, we never succeeded but at least found the least broken pair
helped with 3 school lunches
put notes in 3 school lunches
supervised what paisley was bringing to preschool for show and tell
helped darby with math homework that I didn't know was unfinished
had luke help me put on baylie's sheets that have been clean but wadded on the floor for over a week
tried to look for super glue to fix baylie's broken shoes, found none
threw a brush in frustration over shower refusal
jason reminding me of my own words about contributing to the weather of our home (sunny vs cloudy)
exchanged words with jason over my lack of self control and me feeling like he was pouring gas on the fire!
made my bed
made darby peanut butter toast
located butter in downstairs fridge for ivys toast (which was her second breakfast after she had cereal)
made 3 apologizes, 2 of them at least very sincere
talked with the kids about moms poor behavior this morning and our effort to budget that I'm having a harder time to conform with
drove the kids to school.
squeezed in a last minute song in the car with the kids to try and mend the morning

now I will try and exercise (cause heaven knows my sanity needs it), shower, apply generous amounts of makeup, eat breakfast…and then to proceed to cut up 40 lbs of chicken that I got on a wholesale deal from a local farm that needs to be taken care of today before it spoils.

thankfully ivy ill be watching animated Robin Hood for at least 1 hour 20 min of that time to allow me at least the exercise part.

okay, insert hour long delay.  I have not yet worked out which is not looking iffy at best.


Divine intervention occurred and I had a random drop off from a friend who was bringing me chocolate she didn't like (a whole other topic) which i ate 6 on the spot (breakfast, check) and we just stood on my porch and just laughed and laughed and laughed and it was exactly what i needed.  We both vented about our mornings and our families that don't understand us and bless you! and bless God for sending you to me to regain some of my fleeting mind!!!  I will be able to survive this and we laughed our heads off at what bad mom my husband thinks I am cause we both know we are great ones despite this horrible morning.

The freaking end.

I think I will continue to go be the glue that makes this family function thank you very much!


Lindsey said...

You rock!! A for effort!

Laurie Nguyen said...

Hey, you left out tantrum #1. I've got to hear that one. :)

Glad things got better as the day progressed.