Monday, April 6, 2015

Baylie is 8!

Baylie is 8 wahooo!!!

Baptism is coming on April 18th you are invited :)

1.  What do you like about your life?  (This one stumped her but let me reassure you her life is grand.  Its good to be Baylie)

2.  What was your favorite thing about your birthday?

A. Getting my ears pierced.

Did it hurt?  No.  Really?  Cause you almost fainted after wards.

"It didn't hurt I only faked it."  Sure ;)

3.  Whats your favorite thing about turning 8?

A.  Getting baptized.  Me: Why.  A.  Because then I can an official member of the church

4.  What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?

The Tower of Terror.

5.  What is your favorite food?  Spaghetti (What?  Why didn't you ask that for your birthday dinner then? )  Because I forgot it was my favorite but I do love Spaghetti.  Me; With sauce?  A.  Either one, Butter or Sauce.

6.  What the favorite thing you ate on your birthday? Donuts.  That she ate on a string instead of having a birthday cake.

(insert mom moan!  What its not the breakfast crepes that took me over an hour to make?  Thats it I'm quitting those dumb things!)

(and thanks to Nana for the new birthday clothes!  Baylie got spoiled with presents!)

Baylie is a lovely girl.  She is also a very stubborn girl but I like to think its cause she will not be swayed by the world and will stick her ground whatever situation she is in.  She has lots of personality and is quite the performer.  She is very athletic and owns her short size.  I always worry about Baylie being the true middle child in our family and that she is getting enough love and attention, but hope my worry and consciousness of it shows any typical middle child stuff will be avoided.  I loooooooove my Baylie girl.  She has a best friend in her sisters and a ally and rival in her brother.  She is the perfect mix of very girlie and get very brave and can hang with the boys.  Baylie has great fashion sense and likes her hair and clothes exactly how she wants them.  She has been blessed with a brilliant mind and makes friends easily.  I love to see her read, play the piano and hear her sing in her beautiful voice.

Baylie was a trooper about it being general conference on her birthday and really enjoyed it.  Pretty amazing with four hours of church we watched on TV!  We also dyed easter eggs, did bubbles, did some chalk spray I found, Jason made waffled for lunch (not to be confused with the crepes for breakfast) and then we stayed home and watched an American Girl movie Mackenna on netflix while Jason and Luke went to priesthood session. We had homemade nachos for dinner.


Beth said...

Happy birthday Baylie!! Can't believe she's 8! Will be there for baptism of course :)

Lindsey said...

Pretty Baylie!! I love all the pictures and the interview!! xoxox