Sunday, March 22, 2015

The reason why i am documenting

it feels like 1 a.m. and really its is 10 p.m.  but cannot let this day pass me without writing it down.

Today Luke passed the sacrament for the very first time.  And it was adorable.  and we loved watching him do it and he looked so spiffy in his suit (he would be very annoyed at all these word choices; adorable, spiffy, but whatever).

He had a big week this week.  The biggest one of his life so far really.  He got the priesthood, went to the temple and passed the sacrament for the first time all in one week. And he loved it all.

He was actually very nervous about every single one of these and he still did it and for that I am very proud of him.  Because we often get nervous about things and still have to plow right through!

I know every good mother can just see the potential in their children and its exciting!

When we were driving to church I calculated that this would be the first time of an estimated 150 times he would pass the the sacrament as a teenager.  The thing that got me choked up though was seeing him sing the hymns when he was sitting with the deacons.  Cause so many times I've had to make that boy since the hymns and dang it there he was doing it singing by himself.

at church today there were so many good things I could think about them all the week to process.  my friend beth gave a great talk about the parable of the ten virgins.  Just seeing her talking made me think how lucky I am to have her as my friend and how much I admire her.

And then sunday school was about Matthew 11:28 from my friend Emily G and that was very thought provoking discussing about how we yoke ourselves with Christ.  That has always been one of my favorite scriptures.  and then we talked a little bit about the sabbath and how the sabbath is made for us.  So much good stuff in the New Testament!

 and then although I was sad to miss relief society (and entirely shocked that I was sad to miss relief society!) I got to go to young men's with Luke and the other parents to learn about the Duty to God program.  Pretty neat to be with all these neat young men and their families and hear from their great youth leaders and advisors.  Could be very intimated about the breath of the scouting and duty to god programs because they are foreign to me, but choosing to not be overwhelmed and just take it little by little.

So while I think it would be entirely easier to stay in bed and hide from the world on a Sunday and I often times think that is what I would prefer to do, I am so glad I went today.  The Spirit teaches me so much.  I love it when i'm smart enough to listen!  Grateful for the spiritual nourishment of Sundays!


Lindsey said...

What a special day and week and so glad you documented it for me to read about! xoxo

embot said...

AWWW!! i love that he was singing the hymns! I remember that was one of the conditions of Luke coming to church with us a long time ago. they had to sing the HYMNS! hahaha! way to go mama. what a good boy!!

Nancy Jo said...

Ditto Lindsey