Sunday, March 22, 2015

Benefits of other peoples spring break

Erin and Alex and Vienna came!!! We have missed them!!!  So flattered they would spend some time with us and worthy cause to skip school Friday and miss the kids getting reading awards. 

Darby and V with the bunnies. Love their family! 

Playing real life animal jam not on the computer. Baylie mad at that moment... Hehehe

We 'hiked' placerita which is like the tiniest hike but at least feels like you have been in nature. The kids were needing to stop every five minute for a drink or a snack or a rest.  It was very amusing. 

Ivy selfie on my phone . 

How many girls can crowd around a laptop? Animal jam this time but they also like starfall especially the youngers 

I love you Erin for doing my laundry and helping to cook! And love you for always being such a great sister in law to me!! 

We watched ET with the kids Saturday nite! They liked it! 

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Nancy Jo said...

How fun that you have had so many family visit!