Monday, March 23, 2015

Dumb stuff

Well folks, i don't think i can ever have one of my child snuggling or sleeping on my lap without me also doing a quick lookey for lice.  I'm still scarred from that experience.

Tomorrow,   Baylie will be going to the doctor for the third time to fight the war on her mega knee warts, okay not really warts but some strange undefeatable strain of wart cousins that need to be covered and medicated and babysat for the last four weeks.   She is a champ about it though even though snarlier they look the better sign they are going away.

That is all folks.  And the good stuff is bless the BBC shows on Netflix and that new one the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Chocolate for breakfast also rocks.  Exercise has alluded me lately, think I need to start running at night or something.

So amazed at Jason's new dedication to our budget even if it cramps my style a bit.  All for the greater good I say, good thing Netflix is free-ish.  okay so i just remembered we have to pay for it, but way cheaper than the movies.

Gotta go back to real life of wart cousins, but thankfully no lice.  :)  Girls are quiet, thats never a good sign!

ps. I found out baylie 'warts' are actually Molluscum…they are annoying little buggers!


christy said...

Frankincense is great for removing skin issues naturally. 😃

Amber said...

I hear ya on the warts. I use probably 6 different oils twice a day on Brandon's. The ones on his hands are doing awesome and dissolving before my eyes, but the ones on his stomach are stubborn as heck even though they are way smaller. I feel your pain. If you want to know my oil blends I've been using, might be worth a try. LMK. I'm desperate to get rid of these things.