Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The priesthood

Luke received the priesthood from Jason on Sunday. The priesthood is the power and authority of Christ here on earth. To be used in service and love and faith. Personal worthiness also is essential. 

A quote about the priesthood about men in our church holding the priesthood that I really like is from Elder Neil A Anderson. 
"A man may open the drapes so the warm sunlight comes into the room, but the man does not own the sun or the light or the warmth it brings. The blessings of the priesthood are infinity greater than the one who is asked to administer the gift."  I have always felt the power of the priesthood in my life and it's blessings as a woman. And the more knowledge I have on this topic the stronger I feel about it. 

That being said it has a great responsibility to hold the priesthood worthily and I have great faith that Luke will prove himself well. I'm really proud of who he is becoming and hope he is proud of himself as well. 

It was a neat experience one I will never have again since he is my only boy and even though ivy was running around in circles around them during it is powerful to think this is the same priesthood held by John the Baptist and many great others. Luke now moves onto young men's and out of primary so he is now the baby fish in with the teenage boys! He will start passing the sacrament now too! 

For more information ask your cute missionaries that live by you or go to! I also will try to answer questions. I almost didn't post his picture on Facebook since my recent heckler came to mind but I always try to do what I feel I should let the chips fall where they may! And it's like the most liked picture yet with 161 likes! I have lots of supportive friends! 

So grateful to have our family there to support and makes it much more fun! 


Lindsey said...

I love that quote about the priesthood! Wish I could have been there. So proud of Luke!

Amber said...

Don't stress the hecklers. They're all jerks! Be proud and loud ;)