Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Luke and I both had a birthday!!! Mine was Friday the 13th which is my favorite ever!!! 

We went to Souplantation and saw Cinderella and if none of you tell my dad about this photo I don't have to take it down so keep your mouth shut you Dothan folks I'm talking to you! 

We watched bride and prejudice. 

For Luke's bday we went bowling and to the habit. Then Cori and Brandon and family plus Jadon came and we watched a movie outside after having some fun for a few hours. 

My mom and I went out real quick that morning to the mall to get some makeup.  And she brought chocolate twizzlers 

Don't I look wiser though now? This picture is only in here cause maybe my 70 year old self will appreciate it and ignore how tight my pants are getting.  Wearing my new scarf. RTR

The greatest shirt in the world one day all my family will be owners of them cause I'm so amused by them . The real me is lacking a little enthusiasm though. 

Bowling with the family. 

At the habit. 

Grandma taught us this really fun card game called golf and we played it all weekend. Special shoutout to Emily g for hosting my inlaws for 3 nites! That was amazing! 

Oh yes and for our anniversary Jason surprised me with a projector so bring on the nite movies . Note to self figure out how to keep warm it ;) 

random one of Luke opening presents. Both of us got spoiled! 


Lindsey said...

What a fun weekend!! Love all the pictures!! You all look great!!! Miss you!!!

Nancy Jo said...

I love all the pictures too! Miss you!!