Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm beat

Oh my goodness so much to post and so dang tired. 

So this will be in reverse order. Right now and then before later. Does that make sense? Boy I'm tired. 

Ok this was the only green we had today and Darby got it. Was my moms shirt from high school that her sister Pam brought back from Israel . 

After dropping off Jason's parents at the airport I remembered Luke had a walking field trip to el pollo loco so we stopped by and it was so much fun. So glad I did .

Here he is with his buddy mason . Don't listen to him if he says he doesn't like his sisters because he adores them . 

Then we greeted baylie afterschool and lots of love. 

Ivy had I think 7 different outfits on today. Four were dresses 

Another candid from lunch. Luke hanging out with his friends with his sisters following him

Cute picfure with ivy and grandma and grandpa
Cheeseball means grandma was here!!

Ok last one was Luke and his favorites from his class minus one girl ;) he loves to tease. 

Courtney remind me to tell you the funniest thing about jalopenos. Luke has taught all his friends to pronounce Mexican food horribly like you do but it's even funnier when His Mexican friends did it! These are good boys and smart glad he has them

Signed the girls up for a glee class afterschool one day a week. Baylie loves it Darby thinks it's tortue. I'm like whatever Darby you sing in primary you were in the roadshow . I bet she will end up liking it...or not ;) but that baylie knows she is a star she was owning the place . They are singing Taylor swifts shake it off and I convinced the darling teacher quick in the beginning of class to change some of the words so it would be cleaner . Like oh my gosh ;) and the boy with the super good hair ;) . Always helps to speak up 

And this is for you Beth. After much deliberation and anguishing about my decision I have decided to keep my kids at the school they are in. I don't know why but I just feel good about it and it was the only decision that gives me peace which means it's the right one. So no more hemming and hawing and I promise not to talk about it anymore. I will embrace what it is whatever that may be! 


Amber said...

That's nice that you stopped by his field trip. I should have done that. What a good momma you are!

And yay for staying at your current school!!!

Beth said...

I'm so glad your family is here but I MISS YOU!!!! We must hang out soon. I'm glad your girls are singing - they're both so talented. Baylie does have that star thing, like i've said ;)

And also glad you have peace about the school.

Nancy Jo said...

Miss you and I am tired too. Impressed you blogged. Glad you kept kids at school. Great idea. Singing class sounds fun. Cute pics of kids!