Monday, March 2, 2015


Ok so it's not her birthday but she is just so dang cute I have to talk about paisley right now. 

Love her art and she loves to dance but you have to give her your undivided attention while she dances. She likes an audience. She is super sweet and yet still sometimes needs a surprise nap if she is getting grumpy I know it's just cause she is tired. 

She loves to help me and made me these coupons which I love love . I have already cut out a few of them to use. 

Just love my little paisley and so lucky I have her!! 


Lindsey said...

Those are darling pictures she drew and of her with flowers!! Love that age! So fun. We love you Paisley!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

So cute

Nancy Jo said...

We love Paisley! So cute & talented!!