Monday, March 9, 2015

Note to self

I survived a week Jason being out of town.

For many of my friends and family they do this all the time, but this was new to me.

And we did it.  Learned some things too.

Thought I would be fun mom and keep the bed warm as well letting the kids take turns sleeping in my bed every nite.

Well that turned into some sleep lacking nites let me tell you!


i love you children but only a few of you can I share a bed with.  And they wanted to each have their special party every nite with me, but really I needed to do the dishes and have some quiet time.

But was glad they are happy and don't have to worry about it for a while.

Next time I want to go with him.  Shoot I think we all want to go with him. Because while he still worked and had a bunch of meetings he also had a lot of fun in Orlando touring.

One smart thing I did was hire a baby sitter for a short time one day and volunteer in Baylie's class.  Have not been able to go in the kids classes like I normally like to and always feel much better when I do.  Should try to make that a priority the end of the year ….we shall see.

The biggest thing I learned was that even though I feel like I only see him very little during the day, it is not the same as when he is gone.  Now I can do it without him.  We had no problems, the kids were great (mostly) and everything was fine.  But we were also very glad when he got home and can totally tell the difference even if he isn't home very much.   Just shows I cannot compare myself to women whose husbands are really gone because even those two hours a day make a difference.  Just feels different even if he is not helping with the dishes.

okay, done with self reflection, bring on some pictures!  I had all these grand plans of tackling a major project to surprise Jason and really it was a feat to have the house clean by the time he returned.

Good decision to go to the temple this week! Even if it was a quick trip. Thanks for being my buddy and getting me in carpool Michalle! 

Paisley fell asleep at the table! 

My friend Jenn bailed me out Friday afternoon when I was out if ideas and let us come over and jump on her trampoline . The day before the kids and I also had baskin and Robbins for dinner :) 

Luke and baylie have become basketball buddies! This round she even won! First to ten! 

Hard at work for Jason. And now he is back to seminary this morning! 

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