Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I like happy

  My brother in law Nathan has the cutest grandma who says happiness is a do it yourself job! Excellent quote! 

Today I was sorta bummed I lived so far away from my family.  (children do not do this, lets pick a spot and all go there.  Los Angeles has lots of good jobs you can find one here :)  But then there is just too much good stuff in the world to be down.  So I made brownies :) 

My kids make me happy.  They are funny littles even between spikes of supreme grumpiness (you know who you are!).  I didn't have a car today so I walked the kids to and from school and when walking home Ivy was wearing Baylie's backpack for her and she said, I love our family.  I do too.  

I have good, loyal friends.  Who show up to their bazillioneth paparazzi even….something I think I need to stop doing cause today I feel like a zombie.  No seriously.  I was bombed.  probably had something to do with having to sign refinancing documents at the same time…talk about bad timing.  But seriously I do have good friends, paparazzi aside.  I know amazing women.  

Southern California really does have the perfect weather.  Easy to be happy when its so beautiful outside.  

Okay, look at this awesome post.  That Stephanie Nielson is something else.  Just wow.  I love truth. In any form.  I am grateful for my body as well.  

I love when the kids play nice together . 

Here ivy is being a boy and this is her mustache. 

Have I mentioned paisley loooooves artichokes? And no I have not done anything with my garden but should plant some of these! It's still an un-garden now but my garden makes me happy. 

Ok not the cutest picture of me but I love it so much. I sorta look like I'm gonna move to Florida when I retire here. But dang that is a great picture.

I love when Jason and I act as a team. Right now we are on a roll trying to pay off our debt and that means a tight budget . So I have resorted to taking pictures of what I would like to buy instead of actually buying it.  Totally works. 

Also really liked the first few of Unbreakable kimmy Schmidt show but then they went down hill which bums me out...why do shows have to always go there? Just referring my preference for bbc. 

Heard these two songs today and totally put a smile on my face! 

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Lindsey said...

Miss you!!! Awesome artichokes. You are so good at getting your kids to eat healthy! LOVE the pict of Ivy pushing you! Your glasses are awesome and you look so happy!