Saturday, March 28, 2015

my blog is bipolar

no seriously i think so. Cause its either too boring to write anything.  Or so dang grateful and feel lucky and hunky dory.  Or its like I'm going to run away screaming….

which time do you think it is now hehe…

Seriously though.

yesterday was rough.  rough.  hoping it was hormones :)  pllllllleeeaaase be hormones!!!

But could not shake the funk I was in and think it was just the end of an exhausting week.  And it kicked my butt.

Thankfully finally got some good uninterrupted sleep last night and besides for being very embarrassed for crying ugly in public (don't even ask just be glad you didn't see it) its time for the pity party to be over and back to work.  Right self?  Right?  Did you hear me????

Sometimes feels like I'm failing at everything even though I might know that isn't true sometimes the feeling is hard to shake.  Wondering how did a former crappy babysitter and subpar cleaner become the mother of five and co-head of a busy household?  I swear I still have no idea what I am doing!

But its Saturday…and that means.

no work for Jason yahoooooooooo
no making lunches (i love you children but they might be my nemesis and yes I could make the kids make it themselves its more like a community effort but then i still have to help provide the things in the pantry that will go in them)
no morning rush for backpacks and closed toe shoes…shoes is also my nemesis we either never have enough or cannot find them.  but we always have TONS of them in the wrong size ;)
no double check of the homework
no rushing to do chores before school (I need a better system)
no seminary!! (i'm sure there are lots of blessings for Jason teaching seminary but it is taxing as well)
wow I thought there would be more of these
but feels like more

Okay now gotta go get ready for the Easter pancake breakfast and getting luke to his first stake youth activity (dodgeball).  Excited for the Women's session of General Conference tonite!  And bringing Darby and Baylie.

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