Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A few of my favorite things

These are my last few days of 35 hood. 

Yesterday I ate a whole head of cooked cauliflower for dinner by myself. I love being an adult. You get to do what you want. 

I have been eyeing and dreaming about the costco cake I'm going to buy myself for my birthday too.

And I have been telling anyone who will listen that Luke gets the priesthood on Sunday! My baby boy is growing up! So proud of him! He will also go to the temple for the first time this week and start passing the sacrament! 

I taught relief society on Sunday and didnt cry the whole next day after wards so I would say that's a vast improvement! 

Dang it I need to go to bed but just polished off the peanut butter chocolate baskin Robbins ice cream I bought for Jason that he didn't get a bite off (dude he should know he needs to be quick! I left it alone all week!) while watching call of the midwives.

I asked the frosts if I could borrow some Indian movies to force my family to watch with me on my birthday! They hooked me up! 

And my parents and Jason's parents are arriving tomorrow and Friday so we are going to eat Souplantation. Bring on a honey butter and soup and salad!!  I think it's been a year since I have been there maybe! 

Did you know this birthday will be unique because my last two Jason was out of work so that is something to celebrate! 

 Had a chance to see some of my blessings this week and very grateful for all that I have!! 

Here are some of my favorite people! 

this is where I found the girls Saturday morning! Watching Darby's videos snuggled up together! 

Some old dear friends! 

This was such a yummy dinner.  And it might be Jason and My last date for a while since we finally got on the Dave ramsey band wagon... Woah matey what a good book! 

Haven't seen Jason so excited about something in a while. We are gonna tackle it!

And ahhh this is the result of Jason being on. Can't decide if that means I'm back on or off the wagon ;) but I haven't seen this kind in a while and it's delicious!!

This is my handout from my lesson on Sunday. And it will forever remind me of my lovely friend who helped me out when I felt overwhelmed. I was subbing for a teacher and excited about the lesson but very intimidated. She walked me through my ideas and plans til I was comfortable with the direction I was going to take and then offered to help with the handout! Well she went over and above and even made them all herself and swore me to secrecy!  Really touched me and very grateful. Wonderful women I am surrounded by and oh how I need them all! And wonderful quote too! 


Beth said...

Yay birthdays, souplantation, and more!!! Woo hoo! Great birthday week for you. So happy to be part of it

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday!! Its going to be a wonderful weekend! So happy for Luke! That handout is darling. So glad you have such good friends!