Monday, February 2, 2015

You guys are going to get sick of these soon

But it's still new to us so we are taking advantage. We took our neighbors the standleys with us on Saturday and I think I might be sore from walking. We have lived next to the Standleys the last 5 1/2 years and they have been wonderful neighbors and friends to us.  They feed us and we like their kids and Mia ignores my messy house even though hers is really beautiful and we both like to read. I will always remember the dad mowing my weeds when we first moved and had a snarly yard.  Good people.  12 hours we lasted but the kids were begging to leave their feet hurt by the end. That and the generally crying, whining, melt down began. One of these days we are going to see our friends the lows when we are down there but usually we are so dang tired when we leave we are dying to get home. And ivy peed in her car seat on the way back because I forgot to take her right before we left poor thing and she didn't even tell me til we we got home.
It was our record ride going though I think. I got a awesome agenda from my friend Cherie and tried to stick to it and it worked pretty great. 

Paisley went on tower of terror for the first time even though her brother and oldest sister refused! She loved it!

Somehow she ended up with double cones cause her crabby sisters didn't want theirs...okay only one was crabby one just couldn't eat anymore. Hastag my children are spoiled. 

Watching the parade

Lollipops Nana sent us came in handy! 

Paisley watching the iPad in the stroller. And our trusty double stroller is officially dead. We have had it almost ten years in May. Better scout a cheap one on craigslist cause we haven't quite grown out of it but don't want to get a new one. 

Oh man this boy. Good thing I love him so!! 

These last pictures were pretty great. Kids favorite is California screaming 

If you have to stop reading my blog because we keep going to Dtown I totally understand. Or you can openly dispise us ;). Still need to work out a better eating strategy there or we won't be able to go as much . I pack a backpack full of food but we are too many to have that last long. Thank goodness for Jason's work!!! 


Lindsey said...

How fun! I love seeing the pictures and that you are having a blast!! It's about time. Ya'll deserve it!! Keep them coming!!

Amber said...

Your Dland trips are so totally well deserved. Don't stop posting about them. But I agree it's too hard to pack enough food for all day with a big family. We did enough for one meal and then snacks and bought dinner. That worked pretty good. Shoot, I think I got that idea from you maybe. You or Becky. Glad you had fun. I love their ice cream cones!