Wednesday, February 4, 2015


a few days ago I looked up the side effects of my arthritic medications hoping to find 'hyper emotional, very crazy' on but no luck.  Guess I have to own that one, although I did read that dizziness was a common side effect and then next morning I woke up dizzy so I have decided the brain is a fickle thing or a sneaky one and the power of suggestion is real.

But had some chocolate come to my aid and after a good long cry, or a few of them…back to new.  Oh how I wish sometimes I wasn't attached to little things that shouldn't be as big of deal as I make them.  And I need to remember to keep my expectations of things like bottom feeder level and then I might not freak out when they aren't met.

Don't fret yet though because i have the most delightful stories of my fickle brain, or brain loss…will let the readers decide.  Really though, its real.  Just listen to this.

Sooooo, a week before book club I still hadn't read the book and texted my friend Hailey to ask her if I could borrow hers. She said yes and then I went and picked it up from her after school (cause kids love when you pick them up from school and then keep driving to random places to pick up a book you want to read).  Anyway, I read the book, and got it finished like one day before book club.  and I loved the book.

Now if you know me and I love something I want to talk to you about it.  So I brought it to church for scouts and was like, someone must read this book too and so I wrote my name in it before I left so they would get it back to me so I wouldn't lose it (cause I had forgot I had borrowed it from Hailey even though it had been less than a week!).  And so I saw my friend Becky and I'm like you must read this book, and she was okay I will, and I gave it to her.  I gave away Haileys book like it was mine which I forgot it wasn't and I wrote my name in it.

Which fact I didn't even remember until I saw Hailey walk into book club and then it hit me, oh crap.  So before Hailey had even sat in her chair I had pulled out my phone and ordered a new one for her on Amazon with some of that 1-click magic.  and I didn't say a word to Hailey about it until I got that new book in the mail thankfully just a few days later.

But crazy right?  And maybe the moral also is don't loan me anything without writing your name in first cause I might forget its not mine and give it away?  Also will not be offended if you choose not to ever loan me anything cause I wouldn't blame you.

Dude, I had another great story that good, but I have now forgotten it and frankly I'm not surprised.

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