Friday, January 30, 2015

Golden nuggets

This is what you get when you get warts frozen off ;) 

Look at this steal I happened upon at the library! 

Darby loved this book. And speaking of books While we were there Darby found a very very inappropriate book in the kids section which led to a long discussion later and a complaint to the library from me. There is a lot of garbage in the world and good to strategize what to do when we come upon it. I wish they would burn it. 

These lulu the witch books are darling wish there was more of them. Only seen two. 

Thinking carnations are my new favorite flower. They are cheap and last forever. Although Jason has been much improved about buying me flowers I bought these ones myself...something I think every woman should do from time to time! 

Ha I switched my Facebook profile the other day and thought this joke was perfect. 

Oh yes this is one from a while ago in primary. It was a group hug but I can't remember why. Fun memory though sure loved primary. Thankfully The Lord has softened my heart to relief society though and really like it. Miracles happen ;) 

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