Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I remembered!

Okay that other funny thing was that when was blabbering to my mom I accidentally face timed one of my old young woman I used to teach (like sunday school) who is now like 25…really I can't remember how old she is exactly.

But the point being I face timed someone on accident when I was crying!  and looked very much like I was crying which is just frankly embarrassing.  Thankfully she is so cool and I said, oh yeah, hi there, sorry didn't mean to face time you and yes sorry I've been crying to my mom"

to which I quickly hung up.

Speaking up I should call her tomorrow so we can laugh about it now that its been a few days.  Oh man, talk about bad timing.

okay, well don't know if you thought that was as funny as I did but the point being I am on a roll!

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