Thursday, February 26, 2015

15 years

Our family turned 15 this year and we patted each other on the back and gave a round of high five because keeping a family together is an important accomplishment. Lots of things want to tear it apart sometimes but dang it we are not letting that happen ever! 

Seminary schedule and scouts killed celebrating on our actual anniversary and so we went out on Saturday nite. I pretty much can only talk Jason into eating Indian once a year for our anniversary even though he likes it, I looooooove it. 

Sometimes I'm sad because we don't go on fun vacations without the kids but we did something I've been wanting to do for a while, go to the Getty. Pretty neat to live close to so many attractions. Jason hadn't been there in like ten years we guessed! 

The only thing I would have done different is eaten first. Bad decision to eat after because I was starving by the time 8:30 hit!!  So I almost wish I could redo and be smarter about it but whatever. Also it was like the one cold day to go up there but glad we went. That is the first time I've gone without children I think! Could really look at the paintings and read about them which was great. 

Amazing to see such old works of art!! 

I liked what this one said 

Did you know Van Gogh painted the iris while sitting in the asylum after having a major mental health breakdown? Thought that was neat. Beauty can come from everywhere and I can only imagine how he must have felt. I'm sure he didn't think people would be looking at it years later in a museum. 

Behind us was a Picasso that we weren't allowed to take a picfure of and they had a guard right next to it. We figured out quick. The more expensive paintings had more guards in the room. 

That Picasso was a privately owned one new to the exhibit and it was the owners who requested no picfures. It wasn't even a completely picfure just a study of his. 

And here was the starter at royal tandoori. Pretty much all I keep thinking of is how I can go back so I can better enjoy it. That's the problem with not getting out much my expectations sometimes get too high!! 

Ahhhhh yum!!!! 

And this sight is pretty much the best leftovers in the world! I could it is everyday. My kids were begging for some which I hate to share but love that they have good taste! 


christy said...

Happy Anniversary! You would like eating here, tons of Indian restaurants. Brits love it.Maybe I'm like Jason. It's fine but I never say I'm dying to go eat at an Indian restaurant. My kids do like it though and get it for school lunch a lot. They live vegetable samosas.

Andrea said...

Happy 15 years! I love love love indian food too. Have a good crockpot recipe, well, does enough to keep my cravings back - if you ever want it ;)

Dr Nathan Pfister said...

Cool about the Iris painting. I love that one. It will always remind me of Grandma. Happy Anniversary and you guys will always be my role models for keeping a marriage together and a great family!!!!

Dr Nathan Pfister said...

This is Lindsey