Friday, February 20, 2015

Too legit to quit

So ya we thought we killed one of the rabbit already but after losing it over night, a prayer from baylie and a stealthy search buttercup was found! Or else that was going to be the shortest owned to lost ratio ever! 

Darby and baylie posing at target ...silly target trying to make a Instagram spot you don't need to impress us like that . 

But what I did need was some chocolate covered my belly! 

And so we made them! Well Luke didn't since he is official party pooper of the house but the girls know what's up! 

Yes paisley I too would like to be smothered in chocolate it is full of joy. 

I think the bunnies might hate us but oh well they are stuck.. Since they run back to their cages as soon as they can. And rusty doesn't help. No dog/bunny snuggle pictures to add to Pinterest

We got a surprise visit from college Christie and this is her influence on ivy. Do love how excited my kids are to see that girl. 

Hip hip hooray it's Friday. I'm beat! 

Just finished the book half broke horses which was Jeannette walls other memoir of her grandmother. Soo good too, much less cussing but didn't care for it when Rosemary was in it more maybe because I already knew how that part turned out! 


Amber said...

Do you keep your bunnies in a cage outside? I would LOVE to have a bunny, but I'd be afraid coyotes would come attack it. I'll have to come visit yours.

Nancy Jo said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate pictures! Priceless! Glad the bunnies are still alive and not lost.