Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thoughts on my mind

I only have a few minutes…I think that might be a trend.

Okay here it is in no particular order.

1.  The Glass Castle.  Just read it.  Wow.  So glad I finally did had heard about it for years, what an amazing story…has lots of language though. and I liked that is was a fast read and short.

2.  Luke won't where long pants or long shirts or a jacket.  This has driven me crazy for at least two years now.  But today, when he was going on a field trip to the Science Center I finally found some reasoning.  Its a competition between him and his friend Mason.  He lost the pants one already I guess because he wore it once when it was raining but still holding strong with short sleeves.  As a competitor I can totally get behind this reason.  Wish I would have known sooner though because I have seriously thought about many schemes and all together hiding all his summer clothes from him.  Good thing we live in California.  Maybe if he read the Glass Castle he would appreciate his mothers concern for his clothes.

3. Why can't we all just watch as many movies, tv and read as many books as we would like all day?  Why do we have to like eat and clean and wash stuff?  One day, one day I tell ya.

4.  We found a much prayed about lost forever preschool book today.  And I did a happy dance.  We all did the happy dance cause we have been looking for that thing for weeks.

5.  Do you know how many girls shoes we have? So many and yet always hard to find a pair that matches.  cause we can't throw any away because your sister will be needing them soon so we just have like every size imaginable but the one that fits it seems.  No really we have shoes that fit, its just order and cleanness that we lack.

So yesterday we were trying to leave someplace just Paisley and I and she was trying to wear his random sandals I haven't seen in forever.  She was asking me and I was like just wear another pair we have to go!  And then I walked away (have I mentioned that I am an awesome mom?…truthfully I probably went potty cause that seems to be my favorite place sad bladder…anyway….)

and then two minutes later Paisley says I found the other shoe.  and I was incredulous!  And I said how?  And she said I said a prayer and then Jesus said keep digging (meaning digging in the bin of shoes) and she found it.  And so we said thank you in a prayer too but love when kids are so in tune and or course why wouldn't God want to help them find their cute pink shoes?

6.  Have been watching call the midwives when I do the dishes lately.  I think I like any bbc show.  and speaking of shows…

7.  Why didn't anyone tell me that Power Rangers is a pretty decent show??  Really I had no idea.  Or maybe watching Dr. Who has broken down my appetite for good special effects so that Power Rangers just seems up to par? Speaking of Dr. Who I literally cried when Rose and Dr. who were separated.  So sad.  That one and Downton Abbey are me and Jasons go tos on the rare night he can stay up past 9 p.m. (seminary is a butt kicker!!)

okay times up!

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Heather said...

So impressed that Paisley knew to pray about finding her shoe. You have taught them well. Since I only have myself to feed and clean up after, I do occasionally spend a Saturday doing nothing but watching TV/movies and napping. After a long week at work, it's the best. I love Call the Midwives, probably more than Downton Abby.