Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brandon Mull book signing

I follow Brandon Mull on Facebook since we are such big fans of his. I have read all of his books pretty much as well and my mom who read them even before I did. But Luke kicks our butts and rereads them and rereads them and has read the beyonders series at least 8 times but he thinks closer to 10! Definitely start out with fablehaven though! Karen Evans told me about those years ago and we love them too. And Cannon told me about candyshopwars years ago too and that's the first one we read.

I was just thinking in this photo he sorta looks like he is going to start rapping or making beat box noises at the least.

Speaking with James Riley who were are now going to read as well.  His books sound really fun!  Half upon a time series and Story Thieves.

It pays to get their early because we were on the first row. 

Waiting in line to get our books signed. Apparently being the front row didn't translate to a good spot in line. It took me about 90 minutes to get there and then we were there like 90 minutes early but it was so fun and worth it. And never eaten dinner at Barnes and noble before. Tasty!

What am I doing to Darby here? Definitely does not look good! 

And here the kids are with him. Brandon Mull was so nice and lit up when I told me how many times Luke has read his books. He seemed like he would have talked to Luke longer if wasn't such a big line. Luke got to ask him about killing off one of his favorite characters though and he said he cried when he wrote it. Really good books people read them. Hope he comes to our area sometime but worth the drive! And fun to do it with Lindsey and Dallas. Darby finished the first fablehaven the day before so she could go with us! And I couldn't have done it if my friend Emily G hadn't watched the three little girls! So grateful. 

This was our first time at an author signing but we are hooked! Neat to hear the inside scoop on what He was working on besides insight and background to some of our very favorite books.

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