Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So we finally got to use our passes. And it will almost hilariously opposite of what I imagined it would be like.
 First we were all arguing in the car when we got there. I think we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Our car is starting to feel a little cramped on car rides especially if there is bickering and 'she is touching me!'
Second . It started to rain . A lot . I didn't even think about checking the weather because hello it's so Cal it never rains and 2 cause we were on a beautiful warming trend. 
Well it poured. Jason's would argue this with me and Luke too. But it rained enough that all our shoes and socks of the whole family were soaked through when we got home including my backpack and my wallet. So no not sheets of rain but it was raining almost the whole time. 
Third . There was a hang up at the entrance and had to wait for a while and they wouldn't let us in. 

Oh ya and the place was packed.
So sort of a rough start to the day I had been dreaming about since I got wind of Jason getting this job... Our family going together for the first time . We had been a year before but this was different. Well it sure was different! 

Went quick to buy ponchos which was cumbersome (ie had to be constantly bribing ivy to keep hers on) and Jason and Luke never wore theirs because they are stubborn but it was good cause one ripped and then the other we used to cover the stroller which was soaked. 

But somehow through all our unprepared we had a great day together. Man I love these people and we can make anything fun together. Also we learned 30 min is the longest we can handle in a ride and only for certain rides. Splash mountain had the shortest line that day. 

So grateful for this job perk I want to pinch myself. And we will go back. And be better prepared.
 It was pretty cold by the time we left and right at the end I was looking at paisley and noticing one side of her mouth was really swollen. She had been complaining about it for a few days but I thought she had bonked it but then it was her cavity that had gotten worse. Which she ended getting pulled the next day. But seriously she looked like she was storing nuts in her cheek on the one side . So there is a benefit of staring at each other in line ... Her mom finally clued in. And now she is super happy now that it's out because she feels so much better. 

Our favorite things to do in line are play hand clap games...this/that, lemonade, tic tac toe. And then that game where you hover your hands over the other persons and they try to slap them before you move them. And then thumb wars of course. 

Look who we ran into!!

Oh man this picture kills me. Jason looked at it and said... She looks just like you. I was And he said yes if you tried to pull it that's what you would look like too. 

Oh sadly Luke was too cool to pull the sword. Tweens. 

I've had these lights forever and the glasses from when nana visited at Fourth of July. Perfect time to use them. Made the walk back cold and wet lots more fun.

So things don't always end up like we thought they would but we still had lots of fun. Baylie and Darby finally rode space mountain. :) 


Laurie Nguyen said...

So fun! I love, Love, LOVE the picture of Ivy that Jason says looks like you.

DL has it's good days and it's bad days. Sounds like yours was a good one. :)

Beth said...

I can't believe it. It is a HUGE HUGE perk. I mean, a dream for those that love Disney but man it's like a gazillion dollars now. Now you can go back by yourself and just the girls sometimes during the day, or whenever you want. Birthdays, etc. At least if it's raining you didn't waste any money. SO WORTH IT!!!

christy said...

We got drenched this summer at Disneyland Paris. It had been nice all day and then while waiting for the show on the castle at the end, it poured, and they wouldn't do the show till it stopped, but we wanted to keep our awesome up close place, and we only had one umbrella, and no coats, it was hot that day. We were soaked and cold by the time we left but the rain did miraculously clear just long enough for the dhow and then started back up again. I wonder. Can Disney make it stop raining? It sure seemed like it. They said the show would start in ten minutes and it was still raining when they said so but it had stopped in ten minutes from when they said it and then as soon as it was over it rained again.

Brandon Walter Evans said...


Lindsey said...

Those are great pictures!!! Worth it for the pictures alone!! Go back soon and a lot! So fun!

Nancy Jo said...

Sounds like a crazy day! Sorry about Paisley's tooth - who would have guessed? Disney sounds fun - loved the pictures!