Monday, January 19, 2015

Day off thanks to MLK!

I really admire Martin Luther King and want to see that Selma movie. Has anyone seen it yet? 

I finally saw the movie Unbroken with Jason and it was good but not as good as the book. In fact it was more like a snapshot of what happened...but I was still glad I saw it and thought they did as best they could of summing it up in a movie. Maybe should have been a mini series? That Louis Zamperini sure survived so much just makes you think of how many people have gone through so much that we don't know anything about. 

We had zero plans today. Couldn't think of anything fun to do. Could think of a million jobs to do around the house but those seem never ending so didn't want to do that either. 

We settled for planning. Me and Jason trying to plan what repairs need to happen,what purchases need to happen ,which ones can go longer, what's on our dream list, what bills are coming up, what should we do for birthdays this year, how much money do we have, our sucky budgeting, what's the schedule for the next few months and what to do about our bedroom which needs to be tackled. 

It was good. Meant we stayed in pjs extra long and Jason made buttermilk pancakes while I made awesome sauce. 

The kids kinda fended for themselves and played while we huddled over the computer typing. Then the girls busted out swimsuits and the plastic pool which I got a kick of since it's January and many places are cold but we had the fan on today and thought well that's what we pay for the better weather. Although I do miss skiing and sledding in the snow but not that much ;) 

Then as most planning sessions end at some point with us butting heads a bit (code for a lot) but managed to salvage it enough to go walk around placerita canyon before the sun went down. I can be very emotional sometimes. And irrational. 

Love being outside in nature and Luke loved trying to scare me but the joke was on him because he wore a red shirt so I could keep spotting him first but then he thought he was so smart and took it off to blend in better. 

And that ivy thinks she gets to be carries around everywhere no wonder youngest kids are spoiled!   

And then I made a gross dinner which everyone are but then we chucked the leftovers (and there was a lot!) which makes me cringe so much but was proud of them for eating what they did cause it was not good. I don't throw out food very often but this one was it. But baylie had helped me make Caesar salad and they all loves that. Everyone is a sucker for croutons. 

I've been reading a book that I wasn't really into til half way and it's thick but now I'm hooked and keep trying to sneak away. Thankfully the kids like reading too so I keep saying let's have a reading party! Which is really code for let mama sit and read her book! 

Oh yes and I made these rolls after dinner just to prove that I do make things that aren't gross sometimes and it's Jenna's awesome recipe and it's keeper! 


Beth said...

That planning part and being around home sounds like our day a bit. And those rolls loook amazing! Yum

Nathan said...

The hike looks so fun! And those rolls look divine!!