Monday, January 26, 2015


This morning as baylie was walking out the door for school she told me she hope she leaves and never comes back. 

Well then, have a good day to you too. 

I think that was her third fit of the day actually. 

Last week we finally went to the peditrician. Okay I lied. Ivy did. I pretty much have to take one kid a week for five weeks because they couldn't fit us all at once but I don't even care because it's so awesome to be able to go to a good doctor again. I love kaiser by the way. Like love love. My decision besides lots of recommendations was just that I had a good feeling about it and the first time I went to my new dr I almost cried it was so easy to get my shots. No red tape. 

But back to ivy. Was I chuckled about was her cute self and her stats. 75 percent weight and 25 percent height. My response to the dr was what! 25 % that's amazing usual we hover over 10 to 15! She is a giant!  Granted I can't remember the last time she had a physical or went to the doctor but we sure had lots of blessings the past years not needing to go. 

And Darby how did you know your mom is so forgetful that you need to write her a note? Wait...who is the parent here? 

I mean this picture if this picture isn't amusing than nothing is... Face paint and stickers as clothing! Wowzer live it up Paisley! 

And not to leave Luke out shoot that kid amuses me constantly. Just yesterday I was thinking now I know why god only gave me one boy. It's because I could only handle so many burbs and farts and loogies . Luke is the loogie king I swear I should probably get him tested for something. 

Anyway can't wait to see if baylie actually comes home today we shall see!! 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute of baylie.

Sara Jane said...

Baylie cracks me up and yay to a 25%tiler! I always thought Lawrence and Porter have always been 20th percentile and just found out they are 10 percentile--and have always been. Oh, well.